Caring for your Eyewear

All our products have been produced with high quality treatments and materials, but no snow goggles will last the test of time if proper care is not taken. Here are some tips for looking after your POWDA eyewear

1. Use your complimentary eyewear case and bag

All our products come with an eyewear case and protection bag. Although our lenses have a high-quality anti scratch layer, this will not provide full protection.

  • You should always remember to store them properly when you are not using them by separating the spare lens with the protection bag and placing them both carefully in the eyewear case. This is especially important for the mirrored lenses.

2. Cleaning the outer lenses

Snow, ice or rain can easily mess with your vision. Keep your protection bag in your jacket pocket while you ride.

  • The best way is to shake the snow off and let the lens dry off naturally. When it is dry, clean the lens by wiping it gently with the protection bag or a microfiber cloth.
  • If the lens has ice on it, try to warm it up before cleaning it. Put it inside your jacket or heat it up by breathing on it. This way, you will prevent it from getting scratched

3. Cleaning the inner lens

You need to be extra careful cleaning the inner lens. This is where the anti-fog coating is applied, which can be easily damaged by wiping, especially if there is moisture on it.

  • The best way to keep the layer of anti-fog coating in good condition is to leave this part of the goggles alone if possible.
  • However, if snow makes its way in there and you need to deal with it, simply remove the magnetic lens to shake the snow off and let the lens air dry. 
  • Never wipe your goggles with glove or rag. These materials may rub off the reflective lens coating or irreversibly scratch the lens.
  • Do not use snow to clean your goggles either - it is made of ice crystals and often contains dirt particles that may cause more harm than good.

4. Prevent your goggles from fogging up

All our products are anti-fog coated, but this does not prevent fogging fully. However, there are many things you can do yourself to avoid fogging.

  • Fogging is created by moisture and heat building up inside your goggles. Hot air and moisture travel up, so do not wear your goggles on or above your warm forehead.
  • Never wear your goggles when hiking, as it creates a lot of heat and sweat that will get trapped in your goggles. If you are hiking, take off your goggles and keep them inside your jacket/backpack, and chuck on The Retro Blades.
  • Try not to take your goggles off when it is snowing or raining. When snow gets inside your goggles it creates moisture, which gets trapped and heated up by your face.
  • While you are riding, check from time to time that there is nothing covering the air-vents and wipe off any snow to keep them open.
  • If your goggles are fogging, do not rub the inside of the goggles. A lot of people get minor fogging and rub the inside of their goggles with wet gloves. This puts even more moisture inside your goggles and will make the problem even worse and could remove the anti-fog coating.

5. After-riding care

You should let your eyewear dry out before you put them away, just like your boots. Eyewear stored when wet, even in the protection bag, will not last as long.

  • Remove the magnetic lens from the frame and set it aside somewhere safe.
  • Put the frame somewhere warm and dry to remove any residual moisture overnight,