About Us

Our Brand

The vision behind POWDA, is to inspire courage, trust, and express individuality without fear.

Kimberley is a passionate snow sports enthusiast, and her dream is to help others to experience the physical and mental health benefits that she has. The benefits of snow sports are limitless. Not only is it great for your fitness, a social experience and a cool hobby to put on your resume, but the positive effects on mental wellbeing are proving to be exceptional.

The focus required to push yourself just that little bit harder leaves no room for unnecessary thoughts. Getting away from the city and being in nature is undeniably good for your soul. And most importantly, you learn how to trust yourself, and overcome fear. 


Our Products

POWDA Eyewear promotes style, confidence and functionality. It does not discriminate between first time or seasoned riders. It has one thing in common - spirit. 

We provide great quality frames and lenses with the same features as your high-end snow goggles - without the heavy mark ups. Most notably, our magnetic lens technology (magna-technology) makes it easier and more seamless than it has ever been to switch your tinted lenses for changing conditions. Find out more about our Product Features.